Marine Insurance

Your cargo is exposed to a wide range of risks whilst in transit. Accidents, damage by water or fire, improper stowage by the carrier and theft or pilferage are all potential risks to your cargo. Marine insurance covers the losses or damages caused to ships, terminals and any transport or cargo by which goods are transferred, acquired, or held between different points of origin and final destination.

Sanima Marine Insurance policy offers complete insurance coverage for your goods while in transit. Marine insurance is a haven for transporters and shipping corporations because it helps to lower the aspect of financial loss due to cargo loss. It covers transit by any modes of transit like, sea transit, inland waterways, land transit by road/rail vehicle and transit by air. The scope of cover depends upon the type of clauses attached with the policy. Mainly these clauses can be grouped under three categories:

  • For Cargo Shipment
  • For Inland Dispatches
  • Claims against Carriers

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    You can also use our toll free number to reach us: 01-4427170
  • Share your details. We'll contact you

    You can also use our toll free number to reach us: 01-4427170

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Insurance?

    Insurance is a contract between an individual and the insurance company wherein an individual gets compensation against the losses from an insurance company. The insurance companies work by collecting small amounts of money from its clients and fund that money together to pay for damages.

  • Why do people need insurance?

    Insurance is a protection against the unexpected incidents. Insurance product helps people in not only mitigating risks but also helps by providing a financial moderate against adverse financial burdens suffered. It helps people to manage risks, own a home, drive vehicles, maintain current standard of living, cover health care costs, run a small business, take vacations etc.

  • How many types of Insurance are there in the market?

    There are two types of insurance Life insurance and Non-life or General insurance i.e. Life insurance includes term life, whole life, endowment, money back, children policy etc. and Non-life insurance includes health insurance, vehicle Insurance, property insurance and fire Insurance.