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Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance covers unforeseen and sudden losses to various civil engineering works including construction and erection of all types of structures viz road, bridge, hydro power, canal, irrigation and installation of machine.

Annual policies can be obtained for electronic items, machine, plants and equipments as described below:

• Machinery Insurance: It covers to the insured machinery items which suffer any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage.

• Electronic Equipment Insurance: This is comprehensive policy designed to cover electronic items for loss due to accident, fire, short circuit, burglary and house breaking. It also covers riot, strikes, malicious damage and terrorism.

• Contractor’s Plant & Machinery: It covers loss and damage to the insured plant and machinery due to accident, natural calamities, burglary and house breaking.

Contractor’s All Risks and Erection All Risks (Project Based)

It covers loss and damage to the project whilst in building or installation like hydro power, road, irrigation, bridge and machine etc. from fire, accidental damage, natural disaster and third party liability etc.

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